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"White noise
generated random
public keys"

Zener diode white noise generator

Using a zener diode in reverse bias at avalanche breakdown, we create Jaxxstein© random public keys for advanced encryption systems.

  • Jaxxstein© Passwords are a By-product
    As a public service to healthcare and the wider public, we have made our Jaxxstein© random public keys available as shortened, 16 character, crypto-strong passwords.

  • Download Jaxxstein© Passwords Anonymously
    The 16 character Jaxxstein© passwords are created on the fly from a database of larger protopasswords.

    As soon as you download a Jaxxstein© password, the protopassword is deleted from our database. The whole process is anonymous: We do not know which Jaxxstein© password has been allocated to whom.

Jaxxstein© passwords - noisy and random

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